Annotations do not get added to the measurements panel



None of the measurements I add to the viewport appear on the measurements panel. I am able to get the toolstates just fine and there are no issues besides this one. However, I have noticed I am getting this warning in the console: Consumers must define stacks in their application if using segmentations in cornerstoneTools. Could this be the issue? How I can get this functionality back and running?

Could you check if MeasurementService has the measurement mapped to the OHIF measurements? (easiest way is to say something like window.measurements = this.measurements in the constructor of the service, and then check the measurements in the console)


Seems to be no problem here

Then I guess next place to check is ConnectedMeasurementTable to see what states it holds Viewers/ConnectedMeasurementTable.js at 4110b0422cc05be44e664c56dfd258c2a02ce522 · OHIF/Viewers · GitHub

Yup, that seems to be missing the measurements

Okay, so I found another ead to this. action SET_MEASUREMENTS doesn’t seem to get called when I’m modifying/adding measurements

My issue seems to be exact the same as this one: Cannot read property 'toMeasurementSchema' of undefined · Issue #2116 · OHIF/Viewers · GitHub

What is the difference between MeasurementService and MeasurementApi ? Not exactly sure how can I gain access to MeasurementService in order to pass that data to my measurementtable

My issue was located here:



Timepoint was undefined, making the function return early thus not calling the SET_MEASUREMENTS action

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