How do I select a part of the series in a study to display in the ohif viewer

Good day everyone!

I used ohif to connect to orthanc, but I encountered a problem, the doctor will upload all series to orthanc, but actually only I need to show part of the series to the doctor.

Can I just show a part of the series in the ohif page? Because other series are not necessary.

In addition to only selecting the necessary series when uploading, is there any other solution?

Hi @dongzhue and welcome to the community forum.

OHIF is capable of displaying (only) specific series as well as displaying a specific series first.

The URL query parameter seriesinstanceuid allows for selecting specific series. For example, the following will make two specific series available of a study that otherwise contains five series.,

To prioritize a specific series use the initialseriesinstanceuid query parameter.

See URL | OHIF for more information.

Hope this helps.