View DICOM file stored on Google Drive

I’m trying to use OHIF viewer in my scenario.

  • My DICOM files are stored on Google Drive
  • No DICOM server involved
  • No Study list required

Looking at the Static JSON approach which looks like suitable in my case. I prepared a backend server which returns required JSON format for the DICOM file.

If the image is on AWS S3 then is works fine but when it is on Google Drive (even the file is shared without restriction) it is not working and throws Error loading image error (shown below).

Looking for alternate approach

  • Is there any feature available in which File directly be passed to the view programmatically?
  • In /local approach user have to select file while I’m looking if somehow I can pass file path directly to viewer so that viewer can parse file and display.
  • No Static Json generation required.

Appreciating help! Thanks

never tried Google Drive, but GCP config example here: