Abstract Orthanc's authentication on the OHIF viewer

I want to implicitly set the Orthanc credentials on the OHIF viewer

  • I am using Orthanc as my DICOM server with AuthenticationEnabled set to true in the orthanc.json configuration file. Now, whenever I open OHIF I get a prompt that’s asking for username and password.
    How do I configure OHIF so that it sets the username and password when I open the viewer instead of it asking for the credentials explicitly?

  • I am running OHIF v3 and Orthanc(latest Osimis build) docker images and behind NginX using configuration from Osimis’ bitbucket repository.

Also, asking out of curiosity, can we selectively enable authentication?
I.e. enable authentication on the study list but disable it on the viewer.

Thank you for any assistance on this issue!


How exactly did you setup your OHIF/Orthanc connection? I am using https://github.com/qureai/ohif-docker-compose which works for OHIF-master but not for OHIF-v3:

I think it has something to do with the ohif.js config file.