Adjusting url to open on a different ASP system

I need to adjust the url in a way that includes the patient MRN or patient number .
For example , the other ASP system will auto-generate a link that leads directly to the studies for that specific patient using MRN / patient number .

Welcome to the OHIF community @nastech!

We will need more information to perhaps help you with your issue. I will give perhaps some background that might help. Typically OHIF is used with a DICOMWeb data source and its (URL) endpoints are configured in OHIF’s configuration file. Is the ASP endpoint a DICOMWeb server? If not, then perhaps describe what it is? It MIGHT mean that you will need to implement a custom data source.

I hope this helps.

Hi Jbocce ,
Thank you for your reply .
We have the PACS on an internal server thay recieve images automatically from the CT and Xray computers.

Now , my understanding is that we can adjust the link to include the MRN of the patient that the other ASP system can take you directly to the patient’s scans on the PACS.

I hope that would make sense.

Many thanks ,