After switch hanging protocol from primaryAxial to default, viewport image looks like broken

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Hi guys,
I am working with a fork version which forked since 4 months ago.
I faced with an issue when trying switch hanging protocol from mpr to default.
The first time loaded and render is ok.
I switch to protocol primaryAxial is ok. But when switch back to protocol default , it looks like image is crashed.
But one more time when I switch to protocol primaryAxial , the viewports look fine.
Maybe I was wrong in wording, so I raise this issue to ask about some hints to debug this issue

What steps can we follow to reproduce the bug?

  1. Run app
  2. Open the first study CTA Head and Neck
  3. Switch to hanging protocol primaryAxial 4. Switch back to handing protocol default
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it would be great to reproduce it on our lastes master branch, that way i can priotize it and fix it

Hi @alireza ,
I have also created a ticket here

Thanks i will triage