Applications and Limitations of Measurements and Segmentations

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Is there any high level documentation outlining the designs of the measurement and segmentation features? What they will do and what they won’t do by design? Roadmaps of future capabilities?

Like many others, I am looking at the OHIF Viewer as the basis of a web based annotation tool.

Playing with some of the OHIF/Orthanc docker demos, for example, it appears that measurement are tied to the specific series/instance on which they are drawn. They are not mapped into the other series at the same spatial locations. From the documentation, I don’t have a sense as to whether this would be possible or not.

The segmentations feature does appear to map segmentations into any series covering the same spatial location. Segmentations, however, currently lack the more finely controlled Freehand and Spline ROIs of the basic viewer measurement feature. The segmentation panel also lacks the Image Slice Sync feature that the basic viewer has to keep multiple contrasts aligned during scrolling.

Before I dive into code to try to figure this out, I thought I would ask if there is some high level documentation somewhere outlining the design goals, what’s been accomplished and what the current limitations are.