Basic Stack Viewport Usage Example

I am pretty lost about how to use Cornerstone software.

My main interest is to use Cornerstone in a web page to allow the user to use his/her mouse wheel to scroll through a stack of images (png files). I looked at the Examples page. But when I click a link (for example, Basic Stack Viewport Usage Example:, I see a webpage rendered but no explanation about how it was written. I looked at the HTML for the page but am completely baffled.

Where would I look for an explanation about how to use Cornerstone software to accomplish this task?

Thank you very much.

The example you’re looking at displays a single image.
Check this: Stack Tools · cornerstone-tools

Thank you. Here is the example code with some questions. Additionally, imageIds is an array of strings. Where does loadImage get the actual images?

From a service/api that stores the images.

You will have to call cornerstone.loadAndCacheImage(imageId) for each of your imageIds. imageIds is an array of URL strings. Each imageId is a URL to a specific image. And the data you get is an image blob.

In addition, you will need to look at Cornerstone’s webImageLoader. When you call loadAndCacheImage, webImageLoader is the one that actually makes the request.

You may want to take this to a Cornerstone specific forum.

Thank you. This is great clarification. As for the forum, I got here from web page. At the bottom of the page is a link called Discussion Board. I thought this was a cornerstone forum :slight_smile: