Can I do Viewer only mode

Likely I would like to handle the Study list by myself, so, I only need the viewer to handle the series and instance images


At least for v2, you can launch the viewer for one study with a URL like:


To disable the study list, you have to set showStudyList in your OHIF configuration to false:

window.config = {
// default: ‘/’
routerBasename: ‘/’,
extensions: ,
showStudyList: false,

Todd Jensen, PhD
Jensen Informatics LLC

Yes, you need to import data to do it yourself. It depends on whether you do it statically or on the web server. Read the answers to the questions of netizens or developers carefully, and you will get some results

for v3, you can launch the viewer for one study with:


not sure if “showStudyList” is still supported in v3. does anyone have a list of all configuration options in v3?

there is a list of many configuration options in v1 here: