Changes to cornerstone-tools not applyed in OHIF viewer after linking with yarn

Dear OHIF-community,

I followed the guide in Viewers/platform/docs/docs/development/ on the v3-stable branch. So I am having the OHIF viewer and the cornerstoneTools repository on the same folder level, made a small change to a cornerstone config (cornerstoneTools/src/store/modules/segmentationModule/defaultConfiguration.js) and followed the below steps to link the repo to the OHIF viewer repo:
-Navigate to cornerstone-tools

  • yarn install
  • yarn link
  • yarn run dev
  • Open a new terminal/shell
  • Navigate to Viewers
  • yarn install
  • yarn link cornerstone-tools
  • yarn run dev

Everything runs without errors but the change is not shown in the Viewer. For example setting fillAlpha: 1 or outlineAlpha: 0 has no effect on the segmentation masks in the viewer:

What am I doing wrong? Many thanks in advance for your response.

Best regards,