Clarification on project versions

So there is V3-Stable branch which coincides with version 3. Then there are multiple branches with “V2” in the name.

The code in the master branch, when built and ran, looks like V2. However, the code itself seems very different than what is in the other branches with “V2” in name.

So is what is in master really V2? And is V2 really deprecated? I see recent updates to it (master branch).

Do the release numbers coincide with the version? So I see release 4.12.18 in github, so does that mean what is in master is really a v4 that is under development?

master is V2, and it is not deprecated (since it is on master)

Our next version (V3), lives in v3-stable until we merge to master in future. See our roadmap here

Hi I don’t fully understand what you mean when you say “master is V2, and it is not deprecated (since it is on master)”.
If I checkout master inside the viewer’s package.json I find the following lines:

“name”: “@ohif/viewer”,
“version”: “4.12.25”

Is this v2 or v4?
Thanks in advanced.

There are two things, product version which is now at v3, and package versions. Master branch product version is v2.x, the next upcoming product version is v3.x which you can find in v3-stable. Package version is what you see in the package.json

Hi, can you suggest a good approach for integrating v3-stable branch into an existing application?
I am trying do deploy the PWA files into a specific folder of my app but I am not able to successfully deploy and serve those files…
Do you think using an iframe could be useful?