Configuring OHIF v3 and Orthanc to use dicom json?

I’m having trouble figuring out how to configure OHIF v3 and Orthanc to use dicom json? What needs to be added to the following section from the app-config.js file to make it work?

        friendlyName: "dicom json",
        namespace: "@ohif/extension-default.dataSourcesModule.dicomjson",
        sourceName: "dicomjson",
        configuration: {
            name: "json"

Anyone have any idea ?

@jbocce if you can find some time to assist I would be grateful.

@ranasrule perhaps you could help me understand why you are looking to use dicom json with Orthanc. What is the use case?

thanks for the reply @jbocce . I would like to use it to fetch datasets from Orthanc like the Orthanc OHIF plugin does (OHIF plugin — Orthanc Book documentation)

Unfortunately I am not too familiar with that plugin. However, typically Orthanc is used as a DICOMWeb data source with OHIF, so perhaps give that suggestion a try.

I hope this helps.

Thanks for your reply. Im already using DICOMWeb with Orthanc. Heard that Dicom json was a bit faster.

Hi @ranasrule.

So from some investigation, it turns out that only those studies that I upload to orthanc AFTER I installed the OHIF plugin for orthanc can be viewed via DICOM JSON. Those studies prior to installing the plugin were only available via DICOM web. This help page sort of hints at that.

To try it yourself, go ahead and upload a new study to your orthanc (maybe to be safe also restrict the plugin to DICOM json only) and then try the OHIF plugin. That said, if you have many studies prior to installing the plugin, you might be best to stick to DICOM web. Or maybe contact someone from orthanc and/or the author of that plugin to see if there is a way to have the DICOM json entries added to the database for the older studies.

I hope this helps.

I don’t know if this help, but I’m using DICOM Json to display studies not from orthanc but from a private api and the app-config.js I use is:

window.config = {
  routerBasename: '/',
  customizationService: {
  showStudyList: false,
  extensions: [],
  modes: [],
  // below flag is for performance reasons, but it might not work for all servers
  showWarningMessageForCrossOrigin: true,
  showCPUFallbackMessage: true,
  showLoadingIndicator: true,
  strictZSpacingForVolumeViewport: true,
  dataSources: [
      friendlyName: 'dicom json',
      namespace: '@ohif/extension-default.dataSourcesModule.dicomjson',
      sourceName: 'dicomjson',
      configuration: {
        name: 'json',
  defaultDataSourceName: 'dicomjson',