cornerstone3D.js remote access

How do I access a conserstone3D.js from a remote url instead of the localhots:3000 url?

Hello @butchmat and welcome to the community!

To better answer your question it would be great if you could share what you are ultimately trying to achieve?


Thanks for your response. I need to access conserstone3D.js from remote devices that are not local to the localhost server address. Like accessing a remote hosted web page or server.

So is the goal to use cornerstone3D.js like a library in a web page?

Yes that would be one use case, but our immediate use case is the user displays cornerstone3D.js in the browser by accessing our remote node.js server that hosts cornerstone3D.js using our domain URL at port.

Sorry for all the questions, but what exactly does “hosts” cornerstone3D.js mean in this context?

In our application context “hosts” cornerstone3D.js means cornerstone3D.js is hosted behind our router and is accessible through IP address port.

Ok. And once accessible how would cornerstone3D.js be used in this context?

As an AI based DICOM viewer.

So where’s the answer!!!

I think the best approach then would be to include cornerstone3d.js as a library to your app similar to how OHIF uses it. OHIF includes cornerstone3d.js as dependencies and embeds the various viewports in the app.

The source code for OHIF is in github.

Cornerstone viewports are used via the extension viewport module.

Ok thank you very much for your help.