Curved MPR - Dental use

Dear sirs,

I have been utilizing the OHIF viewer, deployed on my PACS system, for approximately two years. During this time, it has performed flawlessly for straightforward 2D imaging tasks.

Although I have not heavily utilized the 3D viewer, I recognize its potential and value, especially in contexts involving CBCT. A feature that I find essential for CBCT applications is Curved MPR.

Given its significance, do you have plans to incorporate Curved MPR functionality in the 3D viewer in future updates? Furthermore, I am interested in exploring avenues where I, or my company, could potentially assist in accelerating the development of such a feature, possibly through funding or collaboration.

Thank you and best regards,

Hi @Maroje. It might be best to contact James Hanks (you can find his contact information here) for exploring collaboration opportunities.