Customizing the User Interface


I am currently using this for my project as it fits my use case perfectly. But as someone with little web dev experience, how easy would it be for me to customize the UI?

For example if I would like to add another tab in this panel here:

Adding another tab is not difficult. The complexity will depend on what you want to display in it and what functionality it will contain.
There is a SidePanel component in extensions/default/src/ViewerLayout/index.tsx file. It specifies the rightPanelComponents prop. Follow the chain of how this data is displayed in the UI and add your own tab.

Is there any way to add more options like in calculations as shown in the image?
Also, need to load data automatically from the viewer to worksheet.


The idea is to create a new tab, and then run a classification model on the current dicom image. Then display the predicted labels on the tab itself, where the predicted labels will change when the user scrolls through the slices.