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I’m using OHIF v3. I’m having issues configuring my OHIF config file to allow dicom uploads. The documentation says to add this to the configuration file: “dicomUploadEnabled: true”. I’ve already added this but it doesn’t seem to be working. Is there anything else I have to do? Does anyone know where I can find the code that actually creates this button?
For reference, here is the link to the exact page in documentation i’m referring to: DICOMweb | OHIF

This is the configuration file i’m using for OHIF

window.config = {
  routerBasename: '/',
  showStudyList: true,
  extensions: [],
  modes: [],
  // below flag is for performance reasons, but it might not work for all servers
  showWarningMessageForCrossOrigin: true,
  showCPUFallbackMessage: true,
  showLoadingIndicator: true,
  strictZSpacingForVolumeViewport: true,
  defaultDataSourceName: 'dicomweb',
  dataSources: [
      namespace: '@ohif/extension-default.dataSourcesModule.dicomweb',
      sourceName: 'dicomweb',
      configuration: {
        friendlyName: 'Orthanc Server',
        name: 'Orthanc',
        wadoUriRoot: '/wado',
        qidoRoot: '/dicom-web',
        wadoRoot: '/dicom-web',
        qidoSupportsIncludeField: false,
        imageRendering: 'wadors',
        thumbnailRendering: 'wadors',
        dicomUploadEnabled: true,
        omitQuotationForMultipartRequest: true,
      namespace: '@ohif/extension-default.dataSourcesModule.dicomjson',
      sourceName: 'dicomjson',
      configuration: {
        friendlyName: 'dicom json',
        name: 'json',
      namespace: '@ohif/extension-default.dataSourcesModule.dicomlocal',
      sourceName: 'dicomlocal',
      configuration: {
        friendlyName: 'dicom local',

No that is the only case, i’m surprised i’ll look