DicomJson for modality MG mammogram

Are there any specific fields required in instance metadata for dicom files to display properly when modality is MG i.e. Mammogram?

Latest version of OHIF. When using DicomJson datasource, all modalities work well and display images in correct manner except for Mammogram.

We’re using below code snippet to read instance level metadata while preparing the JSON for DICOMJSON datasource.

                            const instance = {};
                            instance['url'] = "dicomweb:" + baseURL + "/" + file.name;
                            const metadata = {};
                            metadata['Columns'] = dataSet.uint16('x00280011');
                            metadata['Rows'] = dataSet.uint16('x00280010');
                            metadata['InstanceNumber'] = (dataSet.string('x00200013'));
                            metadata['SOPClassUID'] = dataSet.string('x00080016');
                            metadata['AcquisitionNumber'] = dataSet.string('x00200012');
                            metadata['PhotometricInterpretation'] = dataSet.string('x00280004');
                            metadata['BitsAllocated'] = dataSet.uint16('x00280100');
                            metadata['BitsStored'] = dataSet.uint16('x00280101');
                            metadata['PixelRepresentation'] = dataSet.uint16('x00280103');
                            metadata['SamplesPerPixel'] = dataSet.uint16('x00280002');
                            metadata['PixelSpacing'] = dataSet.string('x00280030');
                            metadata['HighBit'] = dataSet.uint16('x00280102');
                            metadata['ImageOrientationPatient'] = dataSet.string('x00200037');
                            metadata['ImagePositionPatient'] = dataSet.string('x00200032');
                            metadata['ImageType'] = dataSet.string('x00080008');
                            metadata['SOPInstanceUID'] = dataSet.string('x00080018');
                            metadata['NumberOfFrames'] = dataSet.uint16('x00280008');
                            metadata['RescaleSlope'] = dataSet.string('x00281053');
                            metadata['RescaleIntercept'] = dataSet.string('x00281052');
                            metadata['SeriesInstanceUID'] = dataSet.string('x0020000e');
                            metadata['StudyInstanceUID'] = dataSet.string('x0020000d');
                            metadata['WindowCenter'] = dataSet.string('x00281050');
                            metadata['WindowWidth'] = dataSet.string('x00281051');
                            metadata['SeriesDate'] = dataSet.string('x00080021');

                            instance['metadata'] = metadata;

The dcm files for mammogram are not displayed at all.

Are there any additional fields required for mammogram?

Thank you in advance

Thanks @fhirOhif. Are there any exceptions in the console?

Alternatively, are you able to completely anonymize the study of ALL PHI and have it available for us to look into?

Thank you for your reply. So it was the large file size issue. However still the 3D mammogram files with multiple frames are being displayed as single file. I believe we need to provide additional information about frames ? Is there any guidance on that please? We’re using DicomJson as datasource