Dout date format and develop freelancer


How do I make the date field format dd-mm-yyyy? I already changed all the references, but it doesn't work.

Basic errors:

Search by date does not work in any version;
Layout 1x3 displays the first series with the wrong size.

Customization for me (i need a develop):

  1. Routine to download study in dicom. I found some extensions, but I couldn’t add from v3.
  2. Create a new item on the toolbar to synchronize the ZoomPan, Voi functions in all series open on the screen;
  3. Is it possible to create an image layout within a series layout (efilm, horos, osirix)?
  4. Create a new item to hide image labels. MRI exams need to visualize several series at the same time and this option allows a better field of view.


For the errors/bugs mentioned please submit an issue for each if ones do not already exist. Thanks.

As for the customizations…

  1. Download of the entire DICOM study used to be supported in v2, but is not currently nor is it on the OHIF roadmap.
  2. I think I mentioned sync groups in this earlier post/reply
  3. I am not sure what you mean here. Please explain further. Thanks.
  4. There is a toggleOverlays command that can be attached to a button. Looks like you might need to add the command to the definitions at the bottom of the file to get it to work though.

Hope this helps.