Embedding OHIF viewer in WordPress website

We want to embed OHIF viewer in WordPress website.
Can anyone please guide us.
The OHIF viewer widow should point to particular case too, saved on the cloud.

This documentation isn’t working for us.


We don’t mind if anyone wants to help us with with some kind of freelancing job.

Dr Akshaykumar

Dr Akshay Kumar,

Hope you have found somebody to help you, few suggestions.

  1. You need an archive like dcm4chee, orthanc or any other DICOMWeb Server to host the images. You have said “Saved on cloud”, hope that is a DICOMWeb Server. Follow this Data Sources | OHIF if you don’t have one.
  2. You have to deploy OHIF viewer in any of the Cloud Provider using this Build for Production | OHIF step.
  3. Configure the OHIF to look for DICOMWeb as explained in this configuration section in the same link.
  4. Now create an iFrame in your wordpress blog and point that iFrame URL to OHIF deployed in step 2.

with regards

Hello Rady,

I’m interested in similar solution with slightly different approach.

  • I don’t have DICOMWeb Server but I have the .DCM files on Google-Drive
  • I have an angular application in which I wanted to integrated OHIF Viewer
  • No need of Study List
  • Goal is: On Angular page, images will be listed as file names. Clicking on each image should display inside Viewer

I have gone through with /local approach but it doesn’t work for me because use is not going to choose and upload files.

Would be great if you could help me on this.


How can i contact you regarding the deployment of ohif on WordPress. Please email me on drakshaykumarkamble@gmail.com

I would like to hire you if possible as I’m busy with clinical work more now a days.

Dr Akshaykumar