Error in loading Images while using OHIF with Orthanc Docker Image

Why server is giving 504 Gateway Timeout error while loading frames of a single study instance when using Orthanc as datasource.

  • The goal is to connect OHIF viewer with Orthanc by running “yarn run dev: orthanc” followed by “yarn run orthanc: up” .
    I have configured orthanc.json to use PostgresSQL plugin from my local DB and I am able to get the uploaded studies in OHIF the only issue is loading images.

  • I am using OHIF v3 stable.

  1. yarn run orthanc: up
  2. yarn run dev: orthanc
  3. upload file on the orthanc server running on “localhost:8042” OHIF interface and select any instance.

The image doesn’t show up and in the debug console and network tab I get 502 Gateway timeout error on request of study instance.

please post your config file