Error issues with mpr

1、This is the page
OHIF Viewer

2、Clicking on MPR immediately will result in an error

3、Double click on the second image and then click on MPR. The effect can be displayed, but clicking on MPR again cannot exit

And switching to other images will also result in an error

I hope this problem can be solved

Hmm. I cannot seem to reproduce this problem. Perhaps you can send a short video demonstrating the problem?

Click again, if you want to cancel MPR, an error will be reported

Ok I do see the problem now. Please report an issue here.

Please add a note in the issue that after double clicking the second series (but before clicking MPR), the second series is NOT swapped into view either.

Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention.

The bug has already been logged: [Bug] Cannot go back from MPR to the original layout if MPR already fails · Issue #3665 · OHIF/Viewers · GitHub