First post! hosting question

Did you guys self-host this or are you paying discourse? To get free discourse hosting we had to call our domain but maybe they changed the rules?

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Hooray our first post!

Actually I had no idea you could get free discourse that way. I’m not sure that offer still exists?

We only found the educational discount and the non-profit discount ("If you are legally recognized as an educational institution we offer an 85% discount. If you are legally recognized as a non-profit organization that is exempt from federal taxes, we offer a 50% discount.). I have no idea why non-profits have to pay more than education institutions though, but MGH is a non-profit so at least we are getting 50% off.

As for the name, we chose because it felt more friendly than ‘support’ or ‘forum’ and discourse is not obvious to spell for some people, and easily confused with discord, the app.

Makes sense, yes, and I look forward to seeing grow!

For Slicer we did transition from the free plan to a paid plan since we were hitting email limits. Still a nice discount for open source projects and the Discourse policies are good about not enforcing hard limits if it’s just a temporary spike.

Name community is easier to find.:+1: