Freelance Programmer for OHIF or Cornerstone.js Medical Imaging Viewer for CC/MLO Mammography Registration Visualization

Project Description:

We are seeking a skilled Software Developer with experience in medical imaging. The task is to develop a medical imaging viewer capable of loading and displaying 3D DigitalBreastTomosynthesis (DBT) DICOM images. Additionally, the viewer must be able to load and interpret a GSPS DICOM file that provides a registration between a CC and MLO DBT image.
See video clip for required functionality:

The registration inherent in the GSPS DICOM file is a 3D point-to-point mapping between the CC and MLO DBT voxel positions.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop a medical imaging viewer capable of loading CC and MLO 3D DBT images in either Cornerstone.js or as OHIF plugin.
  • Enable the viewer to load a GSPS DICOM files and extract the registration data between the CC and MLO views from private data tag.
  • Implement functionality to visualize the 3D point-to-point mapping inherent in the GSPS file.
  • Test the viewer to ensure it is working correctly and meeting the project’s requirements.
  • Document the code and provide a user manual for the viewer.
  • Ultimately, the application is supposed to run in an iframe environment of another third-party application.

If you are interested, please reach out to