Getting 401 error with OHIF viewer with google healthcare embedded in angular application

Can any one explain I’ll try to integrate OHIF viewer as embedded in my angular application but I’m getting 401 error. Is their any way to pass bearer token inside servers config when we make request. For better understanding I’ve upload my sample code
servers: {
dicomWeb: [
wadoUriRoot: '
qidoRoot: same as wadoUriRoot
wadoRoot: same as wadoUriRoot
qidoSupportsIncludeField: true,
imageRendering: ‘wadors’,
thumbnailRendering: ‘wadors’,
}, containerId);

need to include OIDC, see sample:

window.config = {
routerBasename: ‘/’,
enableGoogleCloudAdapter: true,
healthcareApiEndpoint: ‘’,
servers: {
// This is an array, but we’ll only use the first entry for now
dicomWeb: ,
// This is an array, but we’ll only use the first entry for now
oidc: [
// Authorization Server URL
authority: ‘’,
client_id: ‘’,
redirect_uri: ‘/callback’, // OHIFStandaloneViewer.js
response_type: ‘id_token token’,
‘email profile openid’, // email profile openid
post_logout_redirect_uri: ‘/logout-redirect.html’,
revoke_uri: ‘’,
automaticSilentRenew: true,
revokeAccessTokenOnSignout: true,
studyListFunctionsEnabled: true,