Getting a "The property "property" is missing on type "typeName" but is obligatory on type "otherTypeName" " error in many components

The project works, it compiles and runs and all, but I’m getting that error in many many custom components from the project, and I don’t know how to fix it or if It’s actually a problem.

I’m trying to adapt it to my app, using the v3-stable version

All I did was following the steps provided on the getting started page and, as I said above, it works, but shows me that error. Below, a snippet where I get the error, “ErrorBoundary” gets underlined (only the opening tag) in red and says

The Property “isPage” is missing on type “{ children: Element; context: string; fallbackRoute: string; }”, but is obligatory on type "Pick<Pick<{ context: any; onReset: any; onError: any; fallbackComponent: any; children: any; fallbackRoute: any; isPage: any; }, never> & Pick<InferProps<{ context: Requireable; … 4 more …; fallbackRoute: Requireable<…>; }>, “children”

Is it a missing dependency, is it something I should just ignore, is it because of a mistake made when setting up the project on my computer? Thank you.

function RouteWithErrorBoundary({ route, }) {
    // eslint-disable-next-line react/jsx-props-no-spreading
    return (
      <ErrorBoundary context={`Route ${route.path}`} fallbackRoute="/">