Grid layout in 2560 * 1440

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  • When I set grid layout on a 2560*1440 screen the display seems to be a bit unusual, I’m not sure if it’s as expected
  • v3-stable

I’d appreciate any kind of help from you guys.


Thank you for joining the forum and welcome!

I have not seen this behaviour before and it is NOT expected. I changed my display resolution and was NOT able to reproduce this problem.

Is there any other information that might help troubleshoot the problem? Perhaps your OS, browser and video card? Do other resolutions have similar behaviour? What are the exact steps to obtain the bad behaviour?

Thank you for your reply!

I found that I had this problem when I turned off the chrome hardware acceleration mode switch, I turned this switch on and everything works fine!

Perhaps a performance issue is causing rendering anomalies?

Chrome hardware acceleration should never really be turned off. Any particular reason why it was turned off? Was it because of this issue?

Before this I had a problem with chrome, similar to this problem “Completely black screen when opening chrome - Google Chrome Community”. so I turned off the switch