How Can I display Dicom overlay [6000,3000] in OHIF V3

How Can I display Dicom overlay [6000,3000] in OHIF V3

i was using OHIF V2 and was displaying dicom overlay fine, it get from meta file as inline binary string from tag [6000,3000] and parse it to get buffer array. now when switching to V3 with same meta file it dosn’t display any overlay

i found in v2 that they trigger event metaData.get(‘overlayPlaneModule’ to get overlay data and display it in render event this event never trigger in V3. even i copy the same code from v2 to unpack overlay array

i’m using DicomMCloud as wado server

Hello @myoussef90 and welcome to the community. Is it possible for you to provide anonymized versions of the DICOM in question (i.e. no PHI in ANY tags whatsoever, etc.).

Thanks @jbocce for your replay. I attached 2 dicom files contain overlay data
your help is really appreciated


Thanks @myoussef90 for the DICOM. This PR was recently merged that I believe addresses your issue. Have a look and let me know how it goes.