How to add more than one annotation to SR

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    I am working on a mammography SR extension based on the cornerstone-dicom-sr, and I am having a couple of issues making it work.

I can’t figure our how to hydrate the measurements. From the DICOM the measurements do not come with UniqueTrackingIdentifiers or TrackingIdentifiers (I am guessing those are added by OHIF) and cannot find how to add them to the measurements for the hydratation to happen.

If I bypass the hydration, I can show the last point and polyline I pass in the array of measurements, but if I pass 10 (5 points, 5 polylines) only the last of each is shown on the display.

As I am guessing I’m skipping steps I should take, could anyone give me a fet tips on how to add the measurements so that I can show several annotations in one frame, and on how to hydrate them?

Thank you very much.

  • Which OHIF version you are using?