How to deploy on Apache Server and how to enter

Dear all :slightly_smiling_face:
I have built the OHIF successfully both on Windows and Ubuntu Server ,also interface with Orthanc is successful.
but i still want to Deploy OHIF on Apache Server and run OHIF without Nodejs/yarn/Npm…
I want run the OHIF like this :slightly_smiling_face:
but failed ,
also the issue:How to setup the viewer with Ubuntu/Linux, Apache and Orthanc (No docker)? · Issue #2455 · OHIF/Viewers · GitHub is different with my request

where is enterance?

Just copy content of “dist” folder from your build directory to the root of your desired web site and navigate to it. Shoud work.
I created virtual host on my server named ohif.mydomain.local, copied all from dist folder to the folder of virtual host. Then just go to ohif.mydomain.local and it works.

Hi, where is the “dist” folder?
do you means all of the OHIF folder?

would you please show me some snap picture for more detail?
thank you very very very much!


you have to build source code for production.

yarn run build

then, A ‘index.html’ will in this folder → platform/viewer/dist/

:crossed_fingers: Build for Production | OHIF

thank you ! KKostikov and ey-lee!

I am successed on IIS now like below:

but i am failed on Windows Server 's Xampp’s apache,display empty

Ubuntu’s apache ,display empty

would you please help me more ?

I think the reason is shown in your screenshots. On IIS you call a base directory of website and on Linux you call for subdirectory “ohif”. Webserver expects to find all parts of OHIF in base directory and it fails on 2 last cases. You can check it by opening code console in Chrome and see if you got multiple 404 messages for OHIF’s components.

yes ,you are right!
i changed my dist folder to the base root of website
it workst normal now ,thank you very much!
the last question:
because i am old developer ,i only understand the js,css ,html files just copy to the website then it works.
react ,vue ,nodejs is new develop framework. they provider a complie process.
what’s the different between i directly modify some js files in the “dist” folder and modify some source js file then use yarn build process?

Well, i’m not a developer, i dont know. I can only tell that changes in setting file “app-config.js” in base (or dist) folder, such as an address of dicom archive, are applied without any compilation.