How to download entire study in OHIF Viewer?

Hi everyone,
hope everyone is doing great!

I want to know is there any way to download entire study from OHIF Viewer?

please guide me about this, if there’s a way to do so.

Farooq Butt

Hi Farooq. There is no download option from OHIF viewer but if you are using DCM4CHEE Arc 5 PACS you can create a URI for that purpose.
If you are using secure option (UI and endpoints) you should send the authentication header.

Here is a link example
http://PACS IP/dcm4chee-arc/aets/Your AE Title/rs/studies/Your Study UID?accept=application%2Fzip&dicomdir=true


Juan Pablo

Thanks Juan Pablo for replying!

The thing is, I am using ORTHANC PACS with OHIF Viewer. So if there’s a way to do something like above with ORTHANC then please tell let me know.

Farooq Butt