How to enable 2D MPR on OHIF Viewer v3


how to can I enable the 2D MPR feature on OHIF Viewer v3?
We enabled it on v2 as you can see on the screenshot below
Screenshot 2022-08-24 at 16.57.44

Thank you

I dont think its implemented yet in v3

could you please tell me how?

you must add this item
id: ‘MPR’,
type: ‘ohif.action’,
props: {
icon: ‘old-play’,
label: ‘MPR’,
type: ‘action’,
commands: [
commandName: ‘setHangingProtocol’,
commandOptions: { protocolId: ‘mpr’ },
context: ‘CORNERSTONE’,

to file Modes/longitudinal/src/toolbarButtons.js

then add ‘MPR’ to file Modes/longitudinal/src/index.js in line 105

first of all thanks for the reply. I did as you said but MPR isnt being generated as you can see below…

make sure that you have latest version !

I do…I downloaded the latest code from the Ohif v3 stable branch