How to enable sharedArrayBuffer if my pacs is not at the same domain as OHIF?

Dear all,
it seems I am unable to obtain a secure context and use SharedArrayBuffer. As a result, I cannot load segmentations in my instance of OHIF.

Please note that my configuration is not the same as Nginx + Image Archive | OHIF

I follow closely OHIF V3 with Orthanc MPR works fine on localhost but SharedArrayBuffer error over internet · Issue #3220 · OHIF/Viewers · GitHub
but with not much success…

Instead, I have three subdomains:

  • pacs → ORTHANC
  • viewer → OHIF 3.7
  • sso → keycloack

now, if I coop and coep are not set, I can see the volumes but cannot load the segmentation because SharedArrayBuffer is not defined, as the context is not secure. This is expected.

But if I enable them, then I’m not able to load anything at all because the dicom resources are not under viewer but under pacs… :frowning:

I also tried to use useSharedBuffer: “FALSE” in the configuration file to disable it and see if I could load the segmentation without it, but it is seemingly ignored. Maybe I misunderstood where to put it?

Thanks for any help you might provide