How to implement a RT Dose loader in OHIF?

Hi, I’m trying to load a RT Dose file in OHIF. I could make it work using cornerstonejs + reactjs (link to my repo here) but I don’t know how to do it in OHIF. Can someone please explain this to me?

You need a new sopClassHandler. We are finalizing something similar (loading DICOM parametric maps), so watch GitHub PRs to learn how to implement this. Supporting RT DICOM objects is on our roadmap.

Hi, alireza, thanks for replying. I’m looking forward to seeing the new feature.

I have read the documentation but I still have many doubts.

For example, in my React + Conerstonejs repository, I managed to display a series of frames from a Dicom RT Dose file as follows:

  1. The user uploads their DICOM RT Dose file (.dcm) and a BLOB object is created
  2. The color is added to the pixels through the PixelData attribute
  3. The image is loaded into an HTML canvas

However, I don’t know how to replicate this behavior in OHIF. The only thing I know is that the ‘SOP Class Handler’ must create a ‘displaySet’ that will then be read by the ‘viewport’, but I don’t know the minimum attributes that the ‘displaySet’ needs or what functions OHIF has to show the content in the ‘viewport’, and then take advantage of its features (increase brightness, contrast, etc.)

I apologize for how complicated it can be to respond, but I am interested in learning how to develop in OHIF in order to implement this and other improvements.

Thank you