How to segment a PT displaySet with Brushtool?

I checked the topics but didn’t find one on my specific question.

I’m trying to paint a segment on a PT displaySet with a ThresholdBrushTool but I can’t find a way to do this with the cornerstone3D tools API.

  • Is it possible to segment a PT image’s displaySet or pass in a specific displaySet volume to segment other than CT?
  • Which OHIF version 3.8.0-beta.52

I tried to use the following to add displaySets but it looks like it ONLY works for RectangleROI? I used this demo to guide me:

  const segDisplaySet = activeDisplaySets.find(ds => ds.Modality === 'SEG');
      const segmentationVolume = getVolume(segDisplaySet);

      const ptDisplaySet = activeDisplaySets.find(ds => ds.Modality === 'PT');
      const ptVolume = getVolume(ptDisplaySet);

      const ctDisplaySet = activeDisplaySets.find(ds => ds.Modality === 'CT');
      const ctVolume = getVolume(ctDisplaySet);

          { volume: ctVolume, lower: -73, upper: 327 },
          { volume: ptVolume, lower: 7400, upper: 22812 },