How to set config to load local files in V3

how can we setup the config in V3 to load local files?

I know that by using /local in url you can drag&drop files into the viewer but there is a config option set for local files in config, but when this is set as default the viewer fails to load

In the first fetch your files then use filestostudy function . Or use static wado .

What I’m looking for is a way to load a folder of files like when you drag then into the viewer at /local but by configuration of the dicom local datasource. Anyone knows how to do that?
Never heard of this “filesToStudy” function. How does it work? Is there any practical example available?

in the first your studies files must be in public folder , array of files names of each study must you have , then use fetch(url_of_dicom_file) the result will be file type dicom , push it to files array fetched_files_array_ ,

when your fetching process completed use

onst studies = await filesToStudies(fetched_files_array_, dataSource);

let query = new URLSearchParams();
studies.forEach(id => query.append('StudyInstanceUIDs', id))
navigate(`/ viewer/dicomlocal?${decodeURIComponent(query.toString())}`);