How to set up the FreehandScissors tool of cornerstone-tools in ohif

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I’m using v3-stable.
I want to change or override the toolbar because i didn’t see any segment tool in there.

I know Freehand Scissors Tool in the cornerstone-tools,and how can i add this tool to project.

below set up code was from cornerstone-tools.
// Init cornerstone tools

// Enable any elements, and display images
// …

// Add our tool, and set it’s mode
const FreehandScissorsTool = cornerstoneTools.FreehandScissorsTool;

cornerstoneTools.setToolActive(‘FreehandScissors’, { mouseButtonMask: 1 })


Thanks for your question and welcome to the community.

I believe you might be looking at an older version of Cornerstone, since there is no FreehandScissorsTool currently from what I can tell.

Regardless, if you are looking to add ANY Cornerstone3D tool into v3, look at the following files for sample code.


Now this all said, segmentation tools will do nothing in v3 without first creating a segment and then ultimately exporting the segmentation. These are things all on the roadmap.

Thanks for your reply,it’s helpful ,have a nice day.