How to use VolumeViewport3D in V3-table? I saw that you have it in your demo, but it was not used

In the example above Cornerstonejs, I did not see the use of

I don’t know how to use this in the project, what conditions need to be met to use it

Hi @luxi, I don’t think I quite understand what you are asking. Could you please clarify? Thanks.

Is the function shown in the above diagram available, how to use it, or how to implement it

Does this help?

Do you have any practical projects that I can take a look at? They need to be combined with actual effects to achieve functionality

How about this? OHIF Viewer

It’s this, but I want to know how to operate it

What do you mean by “operate”?

The meaning of function buttons, such as clicking on MPR, will produce some effects

I believe this is all there is for now.

I roughly understand. Looking at the code, it is to obtain searchParams. get ('hangingprotocolid ') and make a judgment, without making a functional button. Currently, I want to make a judgment by clicking on the button and passing the value of props

Wow,It seems so cool, How to achieve such a effects?

For now, the only solution I found to open the 3D viewer is to use the default hanging protocol by adding this param at the end of the URL: &hangingprotocolId=mprAnd3DVolumeViewport

Like in this example:

Question: is there another solution? Like a button visible on the GUI?

You could make a new mode that only opens CT and has by default that hanging protocol I think. From one of the meetings they are still working on it (why it’s nowhere by default I guess) so we can just wait for 3.8? if not in a hurry.

You can force a hanging protocol see

See Hanging Protocol Module and Hanging Protocol Service