Image in MPR look alike "cropped", no full image

When change the viewer to MPR, the image in 2nd and 3rd column are look alike “cropped”. Please refer to image below

May I know what is causing it? and how to solve it?

Looking forward for your answer.

Thank you very much

Thanks for your question @bhvoon.

I suspect the sagittal and coronal images are NOT clipped at all. The reconstruction is based on the (patient image) “extents” of the original axial image (on the left). One way to check might be to scroll through the axial to determine if there are any missing features in the other two. The crosshairs tool
might also help verify this.

Hope this helps.

Hi, sorry for late reply

Below is a link for video recorded for your reference. I am new in the OPG field and OHIF Viewer, So, I also not sure how to determine if there are any missing features or not. Please advise.

Looking forward to your reply.

Thank you very much.

From the video it “appears” that all details are there - but I cannot verify 100%. Perhaps have a medical/dental professional that you or your company is associated with that will be using OHIF to further verify.

Thank you for your suggestion.
I will check it out with my company.