Images gets inverted when resetting zoom

Issue :

Images get inverted when resetting the zoom.

  • Which OHIF version you are using?
    name : @ohif/viewer
    version : 5.0.0
    productVersion : 3.3.0


In some types of studies, the inverted effect is always present, but the color appear different.

For example, if a study’s invert setting is “false,” the study appears in black and white. If the invert setting is “true,” the study is in white and black.

In this situation, different studies have the same “false” setting for invert, but they display different color. We tried really hard to find a solution to this problem, but we couldn’t.

Even though they both have the “false” invert setting, they display different things when you reset the study.

I’m hoping anyone might have some ideas to help us with this issue.

Thanks for your inquiry. If possible could you provide fully anonymized (i.e. scrubbed free of ALL PHI) that demonstrates the problem? Thanks so much.

Hmmm… perhaps this is the same issue?

Also @mehul_jcasp, the version mentioned is older. Version 3.6.0 has been released and the docker image to use is Docker. See also my previous two replies. Thanks.