Integration Orthanc with OHIF issue

I am trying to integrate OHIF into my Orthanc Server. I followed the instruction on Orthaanc Book OHIF plugin — Orthanc Book documentation
I did all steps and now I have OHIF viewer on my Orthanc server. But when I choose a dicom file to show by OHIF nothing will show. I need help to understand where is the root of the problem. I need to know about OHIF config.js . Because the plug-in configuration on Orthanc book is confusing somehow.

Hello @peybey and welcome to the community forum.

I am not all too familiar with the plugin myself. However, typically Orthanc is used as a DICOMWeb data source with OHIF, so try the suggestion in the Orthanc book regarding DICOMWeb with the plugin.

I hope this helps.