Internal redirect to OHIF standalone viewer invoked from a Website with Authorization

Environment details:

OHIF version - 3.7.0

Hi everyone, the question is on deploying OHIF Standalone viewer within our website and use the websites authentication protocol to authorize a user opening the viewer.

Our current setup:
User logs into and gets access to the studies he is authorized to view and he opens up the Viewer.
The statically bundled files of the OHIF standalone viewer are served to the user from a different url along with the authorized studies and user is able to view the studies.

Is there a way to deploy the OHIF Standalone viewer within our website (eg: https://sitename/site/home ) such that the viewer is a part of our application and can be internally redirected ( https://sitename/site/home/ohif/viewer ) and gets to use the authentication framework used by our application where we can pass the auth headers onto OHIF ?