Is there any way to open .ply format file in the OHIF viewer?

Brief introduction

I need to find a software supporting .ply format file with user-friendly UI. OHIF is ideal, but I am wondering how I can open .ply format files with OHIF, or to convert it to the formats which are supported by OHIF.

I will appreciate if there are any ways.

Orthanc recently added support for STL format files:

I am not sure about OHIF supporting those types natively. I would not be surprised if Orthanc later adds support for .ply files, although I’d probably use the formats which are most ‘standard’ or likely to be ‘standard’.

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Thanks! It helps a lot.

Hello! I had trouble finding that site. It seems the url is improper. :frowning:

It may be that their server is down temporarily. I noticed that also now.

Maybe try it again tomorrow. If you are interested in 3D models and printing, maybe you could check this also: Model Generation : Creating 3D models with Horos | XROMM

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Thanks again for your good advice! :slight_smile:

Their server is back up:

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