Issues reproducing the following results

I want to reproduce…

some functionalities from this docker compose as shown in the images bellow:

1. The RT extension

2. The upload functionality

What I have tried so far

Firstly, I managed to solve issue #2 using studyListFunctionsEnabled: true in platform\viewer\public\config\default.js

For issue #1:

  • I ran the source code from the master branch and the extensions were not loaded. Digging around, I tried to add the extensions in the config file which did not work, I tried importing them index.js and adding to the appProps variable and still no extension was loaded;

  • Built the project in multiple ways and deployed with http-server, multiple docker tries and nothing;

  • Switched to v3-stable branch and run that one because I noticed the file pluginConfig.json mentioned the documentation. Still nothing;

  • Used that pluginConfig.json file in the master project and the extensions did not work;

  • Found this sandbox code and added those <script></script> tags in the index.html file of the master project and the Microscopy extension did not show up either.

I don’t understand where to install these dependencies (if it even needs it since the folder with the extensions’ source code is in the repo) and I struggle with the info online to introduce the extensions to the base viewer. I want to make this work before I can expand on the new features I need.

Thank you!