Its possible to open zipped Exam?

Hello everyone. I already use OHIF with json file. But in this case i have all my files into AWS S3 stored separately. Now i want to save my files into S3 zipped and the question is: Will OHIF be able to load one ZIP file containing all images? How?

Welcome to the community @wagner87.

Look at the DICOM compression standards here. You can change the compression using various tools (like dcm4che toolkit). OHIF supports all of the DICOM transfer syntaxes out of the box.

Thank you, Jbocce.

We are using JPEG 2000, but today we keep all files separated in our storage (AWS S3) and then we mount the json file to send the link to OHIF and make possible to visualize the images. All working nice.

But we want to change this behavior: We want to store all the images of the exam zipped in our storage. My question is, i will have to unzip these images before sending them to OHIF? Or it is possible to send them zipped?

OHIF does support ZIP files. They would have to be unzipped prior to sending them to OHIF.