Local v3 instance unable to display segmentation masks

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I am trying out ohif v3. I am running it with local orthanc instance using yarn dev:orthanc command. Everything seems to work other than segment masks. This gets even stranger since I tried the same study with the online ohif v3 demo and it worked! the segmentations were displayed correctly!
This lead me to think that maybe I have some missing functionality in the default mode?!
I also opened an issue on github and added all the error logs: [Bug] dicom segment mask cannot be loaded in v3 · Issue #3413 · OHIF/Viewers · GitHub

I would love some help.

@Hasan-aga. Does running orthanc as I mentioned here help this?

I tried the sample DICOM study you provided in the github link above using both a local orthanc instance AND by using OHIF Viewer BOTH with similar results (i.e. no error in the console).

Hello @jbocce , sorry for the late reply.
I just tried running ohif using yarn orthanc:up then APP_CONFIG=config/local_orthanc.js yarn start and it partially works now. when I click on a segmentation I am prompted “do you want to open this segmentation?” but when I pick “yes” it does not open and when I pick “no” it does open the segmentation!!

The only thing in the console is this simple log: Volume display set not found which seems to come from 2CornerstoneViewportService.ts:515

any suggestions on what I can do to debug this?


how do i remove the preloaded studies for the version 3. i pulled the branch from git, after build i discovered the preloaded studies. how do i clean that up.

@holakunle69 see OHIF + Orthanc: token to access a single study - #15 by holakunle69 and please only ask your question once. Thanks.