Looking someone freelance for docker ohif v3

Hi, Im are looking for some independent help to preconfigure some features, create a docker image, or alternative ways to achieve the same (like better docs or examples to modify the default ohif docker image):

  • enable TMTV viewer extension
  • modify the viewer interface to hide some tools and labels.
    *Set the viewer to display on mobile devices and small screens by changing series thumbnails with the combo or other selector. (the ideal solution is to make the web viewer responsive).

I have sucessfully deployed v1 iand v3 stable in docker . According to the docs, all this is available in v3 but I don’t have time to do it, I just need the procedure explained better… of course we have no problem to post it on Github to contribute to the community, but it’s useful for us and we’re willing to pay for it.

Anyone interested in making some money ?


I can help you Capable of independently configuring functions, modifying interfaces, and providing thumbnail views