Microscopy mode zoom in to maximum layer then loading is slow

We are doing Microscopy development, we got a SVS file from a Leica machine, it’s a six pyramids structure, I posted the screenshot at comments.

  1. We installed the OHIF Viewer
  2. We installed the Orthanc, uploaded the SVS to Orthanc
  3. We viewed the DICOM file which we just uploaded, zoom in , zoom out, so far so good, only if we zoom in to the maximum layer, the frames browser try to load is become very slow, as you can see below:

We using the OHIF version: 3.8.0-beta.18, jodogne/orthanc-plugins:1.12.1 docker image.

We did many things to try to improve the loading speed, like

  1. modified the Orthanc config from “Scalability of Orthanc” guide
  2. switched to Postgresql
  3. made 3 Orthanc servers with nginx load balancer
  4. compress the DICOM file with JPEG2000

but all these not too much improvements.

We also noticed that the Microscopy demo from OHIF, the loading speed is really good.
Link: OHIF Viewer
I posted the screenshot at comments.

For now, we guess, maybe it’s because the maximum layer which have 89700 frames one, its size is too big to cause this problem, it’s about 800M+, I posted the screenshot at comments.

We googled around, not find too much helpful information to fix this, can you guys please give some hints how to do with it? Many Thanks.

it’s a six pyramids structure as below

OHIF microscopy demo

The size of six pyramids: