Migrate gcp bucket dicom material to Ohif viewer

Hey Friends,
I am new to OHIF and I am looking forward using this Amazing looking tool .
Currently i have a working storescu(dcm4chee) server Retrieving dicom material from many modalities and all its material’s are stored into a GCP bucket (Google cloud bucket).
I am looking for a solution to View/Migrate them in OHIF Viewer.
Hope I made myself clear
Best Regards, Dan.

Hello @niirdan and welcome to the community.

Perhaps you can setup dcm4chee as a data source? Have a look at the OHIF docs for more information.

hey @jbocce , I really apricate your response .
I will explain my current flow .
using dcm4chee, i am sending dicom material into a gcp bucket.
I wanted to know if there is a possibility to migrate this material into OHIF viewer running locally.
In the mean time I found this : Google Cloud Healthcare | OHIF
I successfully connect my bucket using this guide , but I will be happy to know if there is a simple way without using the Oauth which causing my issues , as described here : Ohif inside an Iframe

Best regards and looking forward for your answer , Dan.