Newbie trouble with paths after build


After having successfully tested the viewer with yarn, I am now trying to build the viewer following the instructions on Build for Production | OHIF. The goal is to deploy the viewer to a Java App Server as a standalone app. For this scenario I don’t want to run the viewer in www-root but in its own subdirectory.

So I changed the configuration in default.js and set routerBasename to "/ohif-viewer’ and rebuild the dist directoy. I can see that the resulting app-config.js contains the changed routerBasename but in the generated index.html all paths are still the same like "/assets/somefile.css. Of course this does not work and results in a lot of 404 errors. What am I missing here, how can I get the correct path into the build output?

Thanks for any pointers,

Finally got a working pwa build by setting the path in the PUBLIC_URL environment variable. So, for now the problem is solved.