OHIF connect Google Cloud Healthcare using API keys OR Service Account rather than OAuth

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    I am using 3.8.0-beta.94(Latest) version. By following this Google Cloud Healthcare | OHIF I have managed to connect OHIF viewer to my Dataset and dicomStores on Google Cloud Healthcare using OAuth2.0.
    When I run the application it redirects to the Google authentication page for authentication.

I don’t want that I want to application to be authenticated using API keys or the Service directory method, the user is not required to go Google login page my React app has a login page, and the user is already authenticated.

I don’t want to user to log in, I already have a react site login so the user is already authenticated.
I have created a point where I generated json token using node js Authenticate to the Cloud Healthcare API  |  Google Cloud
but how to call and where to pass it so it directly authenticate user, user don’t get redirect to google login page.